Drive Technique
Electric Installation
About Us

For years we have been active for a different users in the region of recycling of
                                            aluminium foils
                                            aluminium scrap metals
                                            aluminium compound materials
        in paticular                    aluminium synthetic foils

Amongst other things we carry out electric driving
            chlorinating of alu melting
            sifting of alu fine dust
            processing wet filter and aluminium mud
            after treatment of aluminium senolina
and for melting furnaces
            alu block-stacking systems
            wet and dry filter systems for aluminium dust
            grinding and crushing systems
            several kinds of pyrolyse of aluminium foils
                    with respective combustion chambers afterwards
                        furnaces of alu    -     and alu profile

We are available for further information concerning the construction of electric drive and for electric installation