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Baukhage Elektrotechnik GmbH

We have been resident in Mettmann for 50 years. 
Everything began with electrical mechanical engineering. Since then our business has grown in order to operate and comply to your needs more effectively. 

We, as producer of individual, construct wiring plants according to your request, requirements and in agreement with the actual guidelines. 

We have standard motors of up to a power of 22 KW immediately available and can be picked up anytime. 

CAT 5 wiring is a standard performance for us. 

Regulating and observations of the processing complete 
our delivery program. 

Should you have any further questions, you can reach us by: 

Telephone : +49 / 2104 / 92 91-0
Telefax : +49 / 2104/ 27847
Email : elektro@baukhage.de


Baukhage Elektrotechnik  GmbH
40822 Mettmann, Kleberstrasse 3 ,  Amtsgericht Wuppertal Handelsregister B 12960

Manager : Hanns Baukhage    Ust-ID : DE121636373