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I. Electric plants to produktion

1) Drive technique

    Electric motors            
        Electric engineering - repairs

Fast delivary of spare parts / exchange through storage of standard motors up to 45 KW

BG/VDE - small tools inspection of your tools half yearly

Updating, overhauling of your drive units, ventilators, pumps and conveyor belts



2) Steer and Control Technique

    Construction of drive technique    
        Construction of drive with or without SPS according to your requirements 
(with or without planning, cabling, putting into operation)

Spare drives for old relay techniques

Drive adjustment when moving your unit to a new location or change of material production

Installing of a Softstarter of cause starting problems with Star-Delta

Re-construction of drive to valid standard and technical possibilities

    Drive constructions for processes    
        Instalation of intersectional points in your machines and units for operational data aquisition



3) Unit visualisation for operations and observations

    Optimising and modification of your SPS software    
    Unit visualisation for better control of your machinefor complex processes    
      e.g. Text announcements, visualisation spported by PC for incorrect diagnoses, etc.

4) Maintenance and Service

    Maintenance of your electric motors    
        E-motors dismantling, store change and re-assembling

Test and guaranty performance broadening for the drive of your E-motors

Servicing, such as change of carbon brush and balance of the units

    Drive overhauling and inspection    
        Circuit diagram setup and actualise service drive (e.g. tighten screws, 
write down necessary changes) and clean
    Remove operation disturbances    
    Fault removal according to available TÜV report